MOSI is a museum in Manchester and it’s full of amazing activities which are hands on. It does not matter what age you are ; there’s something for everyone. So take your family and spend a whole day there. One of the activities is “Lift the Mini” all you have to do is turn the wheel and watch the Mini raise and much much more. You should go because it’s one of the best family days out- even if you don’t like science, you will love this. The way you get there is by a car or bus or, if you live near, you could just walk. There are all sorts: there’s planes, trains and a whole in side of fun. It’s FREE so you could go any time of the week! If you were wondering, mosi stands for museum of science and industry.


Visit Venice!!!

Life changing Venice!

Venice has outstanding vast running waters, splitting the city into hundreds of tiny islands. Fluffy white, dazzling clouds, that look like woolly sheep, float gracefully in the light blue sky. Visit this city of sheer style and thourhly enjoy this good priced, 5 star city, with amazing architecture with lots of tints and hues and elegantly decorated. It may be a little pricy but it’s 100% worth it.

Ride on a tremendous gondola through the crystal, clear, canals while   gazing cheerfully at the amazing, towering buildings. Here are just some of the amazing buildings, The Doges palace, St Marks Cathedral, The Bridge of Size, The Rialto Bridge and The Campanile. You can get an amazing view of these outstanding buildings from the top of The Campanile (AKA The Bell Tower)  In the evening they put out lots of tables and chairs at the romantic Piazza Saint Marco to make it into a wonderful bar for adults. In the day it is a very large square for people to relax or to wonder around.

Enjoy the most mouth watering and jaw dropping cuisines, the most popular are pizzas and pasta dishes to tantalize your taste buds. They do good sized  portions for both the children and the adults and are cooked to your liking.

This city is sinking and sinking fast so if you wish to visit this amazing city you shall come before there  is no more a city such as Venice (so get booking fast!)If you don’t come and check this wonderful and outstanding city YOU WILL REGRET IT BIG TIME!!

Casey Gillbody and Chloe Fitch

The destruction of the world…

Suddenly the sky’s heavens darkened, and everything went silent…

At that moment, a collosal boulder plummeted down to earth. It collided with the ocean, making a tidal wave of destruction and emotion for the animals. They soon started inhaling the smoke and they slowly died 1 by 1…

The impact of the explosion sent debris flying through the air like a bird soaring through it. Soon more and more asteroids were bombarding to the ground.

The world was about to be obliviated once and for all…

Neil Armstrong

facinating facts


  • His full name was Neil Alden Armstrong.
  • Ohio was his place of birth and death.
  • He had a fascination with flight at an early age and earned his student pilot’s license when he was mere 16.
  • Post Korean War, he became a test pilot and joined NASA’s (at the time known as NACA- National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) astronaut program in 1962.
  • Armstrong remained with NASA until 1971.
  • While at NASA, he tested many high-speed aircraft, including the X-15 with a top speed of 4,000 miles per hour).

Antartic Visitor Centre

Come down to the best and only visitor centre in the coldest place on earth, and experince: A sawner, an Ice cream parlour, luxourious bed rooms and if you book for the 27th of Febuary then recieve your free penguin plushie and onesie that will keep you toasty in our log cabin.

Dont worry ,with our little explorers soft and padded play area your children will never be bored they can simply dive into are fun pool which is full of soft plastic spheres. If you have older children that are bored then introduce them to the teen-room! It has a pool table and it has full internet facilties, also it has jaffa cakes, chocolate eclairs, a variouty of pizzas and a hundred’s of different drinks.

And just so you know our cafe opperates 24 hours a day.

We dont freeze you, we freeze are prices.

Why we want the community to come to the antarctic visitor centre

Antarctica is the coldest place on earth. At this visitor centre we will give you the experiance of a lifetime. here you will see polar bears, seals, penguins etc. You will see how the arctic and antarctic have developed over the years. You will also see how the climate has changed over the centurys. You will enjoy our visitor centre because we have quite a few facilities such as: cafe, snowboarding, free lockers to store all of your kit in, icecream parlour, picture with a polar bear, boat ride around the antarctic, etc.

Antarctica Visitor Centre

Welcome to Antarctica Visitor Centre – You are about to begin an amazing adventure!


  • ice burgs
  • ice hotel
  • husky dog sledge rides
  • have a picture with a penguin
  • amazing animals!
  • sking
  • whale watching


  • coffee shop and restaurant
  • toilets
  • disabled access to all areas
  • changing rooms with hot showers
  • Sauna

This is an experience of a life time, somthing you will never forget – do you really want to miss out?.


Cool Antarctica Facts

  • The things that are here is :                                   
  •  cafe
  • gift shop
  • ice rink
  • photo with penguins
  • snow bording



The Animals what are here:

  • Whales
  • Penguins
  • Snow leopard


Entertainment/adventures you can have:

  • dancing penguins
  • sky jumps
  • snowman building
  • polar party
  • little exploeres play pen


Special events:

  • All day monday- Polar pajama day
  • Monday lunchtime- Special ski jumpers
  • Tuesday night-polar party
  • Wednesday morning- dancing penguins performance
  • All day friday- Ice sculpting
  • Saturday – Polar explorer expedition to the South Pole


Our visitor centre has a variety of different and fun activities that will blow you away! From our penguin pictures to our trips to the South Pole. Our visitor centre is the only visitor centre that features somany activities on a daily basis, and allows you to have fun while doing all of these amazing activities. Antarctica Visitor Center (AVC) includes cabins for over night stays and facilities that have everything you need to have the best holiday ever. Our exclusive snowtel allows our visitors to chill in the comfort of first class and unwind in our sauna.

Come on down to our AVC today and enjoy our range of activities. We’ll garauntee you’ll have a blast!





Antarctic vistors centre

Our visitors centre has all the facliaties you will need, firstly we have brilliant  activies for all the family such as: the best snowman competions; a amazing photograph with a pengin,a fun little explorers room and much more activeties. We also have facilities that will allow you to get up close to the fantastic animals that live here.We now have new activeties that involve the new pengins like feeding the pengin,walk whith the pengins and a little pengin watch.There is also a free sow mobile ride. If you are  hungry can visit our amazing ice cafe and get a free viochers to spend in our luxurious hotel.

Now we have a new pengin cinima where you can sit with the pengins and watch a fantastic film and for adults we have our new ice we have a icetastic ice cream parlor . We have a spectacular gift shop that is open all hours.For day time entertainment there is swimming with seals,pengins and our fantastic new resident sammy the blue whale.

Its the most icetastic thing you will ever do!

We hope you have a brilliant day here!                                       By Holly H and Lucy C

Antarctic Visitor Center

Welcome to Antarctica’s Visitor Center ,here we  have lots of fun activities like: swimming with whales; and Pictures with Pengins.We also have an area for children to learn and play, we call it little explorers. Here we have all the facilities you will need such as: Toilets , Locker rooms and many more. We also have a Snowtel were are visitors can go and chill, We have beautiful ice statues and many more art peices, if you want to know more come and explore!


Antarctic Adventures

The facilities that are here:                                         Entertainment for children and adults:

  • Toilets                                                                           Cinema
  • cafe                                                                                 Ice rink
  • gift shops                                                                      Snowboarding
  • lockers – free of charge                                              Swimming baths
  • Bed and breakfast                                                      Building snowmen
  • snowtell

Animals that are here:                                                    Special Events:

  •  Penguins                                                                     8pm Telescope
  • Fish                                                                               7.30pm hot chocolate
  • Seals                                                                            Snowman Building  11.30

The antartica

Do you need a cold break away, well the Antarctic is the place for you. There is lots of  animals to see and the best part of all there is a cafe selling  hot chocolate, cups of teas and lots of other things.If you have children the is a centure that you can come to and have photo with a penguin. There are lots of activeties avalible like sking, walking, snowbording,animal watching. Are place has 5 stars so if you want a briliant holiday come to the Antarctica.

Antarctic visitor center

  • At  Antarcticas visitor center we  have lots to do there  we have all of the faclilaties that you need we have toilets,caffes,gift shops,Bed and breakfasts,Ice bars,Hotels and lockers for free.Theres lots of Entertainment  for the family to do  like watch movies in a 4D theatre, theres an ice rink ,you can go to a skee center,go on ice buggies,snow mobialls and a little Exsplorers room for children and a Antarctic zoo. you can get maps for free. We have speacial events like looking through telescopes at 8.30 pm every night and lots of activities through the day and win prizes like family tikets to stay in the lucsurary hotel. We have lots off things to do with animal and wild life like going to see or feed the Penguins have your picture taken with a polar bear or a penguin.You can have a chance to have a ride with husky dogs under supervision. There is also another amazing activiti you can swim with ross seals and get a chance to come up close to  whales.


There are lots of competitions  to take part in  like Who can build the best snowman we will give you all the equipment that is recormended (except snow because its already there!) or if your not wanting to get wet stay in and play bingo and get a free meal  of your choice in The White Fox Restaurant.




By Poppy and Alanis








































Antartic Visitor Centre

Welcome to the one the only Antartic Visitor Centre in Britain! Here we do loads of fun things. We have many special events such as telescope, build a snowman and hot chocolate have arranged times, but dont worry if you’re late we will fill you in . If you like animals we have a little Antartic animal filled zoo ,there are not many animals so its only a small one . If you are thinking ‘well its a good holiday for us but, what about children?’ well,  we have little explorers it has hidden objects covered with snow but its cold so make sure there wrapped up warm and even better its free of charge .

As for animals in are zoo you can have your picture taken with a penguin,swim with whales .Polar parties are quite regular as are snow mobile rides there so fun you could stay on for hours.Do you like cakes? well say no more we have a cake shop that has freshly baked cakes baked every day mmm if you dont get them whilst there on offer I will. Our ice room is made of pure ice its a nice place to go if your warm but dont forget its to cold too not wrap up.If you want to know more come and explore.

Antartica leaflet

Want a hot coco every night at 7:30 every night? Antartica is one of the coldest places on earth acually,probably is. In our snowland resort we have a snow slide also there is penguins and poler wails.  If you want an antartic experience we have a ice room fo you to freeze off, also sledges pulled along by snowdogs. Our snowtell  is 5 star rated.There is skidoing every monday wednesday friday and saturday at 10:30am till 1:45pm. All exsclusive family fun and activities. Kids go free adults over 16 are £3.00. See and go in the snow tunnel of Antartic. (just saying it gives me the chills.) Do you want a ride on a ice buggy? There are snow races that are lots of fun theres also antartic and artic quizes. (we will test your frost bite.) In our exsclusives have a reashearch room just for you.

Penguins live in the Antartic and Polar bears live in the Artic. Artic foxes are beutiful exsdroudanary and exstravagent.

Antarctica visitor centre

Antarctica is the place you need to be. You can have a picture with a penguin or even go to the gift shop and buy a cute little penguin teddy you can waddle about with .They’ve got lots of facilities, you will need, such as : toilets,a cafe, gift shops and much more. Do you want to sleigh up and down the icy hills of antarctica through the snow , you’ll have the experience of you life.There are a lots of events going on throughout the year.There are activities full of  fun and games. I’m sure you are going to love this place as much as I do book today.


  • have a picture with a penguin
  • Feed a penguin
  • Go to the arctic zoo


    Ice hotel

  • Husky dog sleigh ride
  • And much more …..


  • Toilets
  • Bed and breakfast
  • cool Café
  • Gift shop
  • Lockers – use them for free
  • Sauna ( for when you get to cold )


  • Go ice skating
  • Even snowboardingBuild a s now man
  • Go to 4D cinema
  • Ice rink
  • Have a drink in the ice hotel or even the snowtel

Special Events

  • Santa Clause will come on his sleigh and give you girls and boys a present. ( only available at  Christmas time)
  • Feed the reindeers (only available at Christmas time)
  • Snowman competition – can you you build the biggest snow man ?   ( available everyday at  2pm- 3pm)
  • Do you want to feed a penguin (only available on sundays)

If you want to learn more come and explore at hggp:// 



How do Inuits make their beds?

With sheets of ice and blankets of snow.


Facts about the Antartic

Antarctica is bigger than Europe and almost double the size of Australia. The South Pole is the same place as Antarctica. So come to our holiday at the Antarctica there are plenty of things to do and see here. There are facilities for your boots and storage. In are animal part there is a zoo and you can get your picture took with are selection off penguins. In are entertainment there is a seal show and a cafe. In the day time activates you could go fishing in a hole, ice skating, sky slope, snow boarding, and snow mobiles. WE also have a sauna. You can also walk on glass and see all the under Water animals. We also have a gift shop for the little ones who want a crudely toy. Also in are zoo you can get a free ride on a slay with a husky dog. In the evening when your little ones are looking for something to do bring them down to are 4d cinema. Or when you want to relax come to are 5 star spar with a pool. Have a full English breakfast all-inclusive. If you want to now more come and explore.

Awesome Antarctica terrific tours

Welcome to awesome Antarctica,
Here we have lots of different fun activities for all different ages.

These are what we have and do.

* toilets
* lockers (token)
* coffee shop
* cake shop trust me you will love the freshly baked cakes we make here there yum yum yummy.
* restaurant
* cafe
* b&b

* ice room see how cold it is, brrrr! I tell you it’s cold so wrap up warm!!!!
* watch penguins/other animals do cool tricks.
* snow mobiles ride.
* little explores free of charge look for the polar bears.
* have a photo taken with a polar bear/penguin/snowman

If you want to come be quick while the offer is on.

Antartica Comunity Centre

Looking for an holiday for your family? Come to our AMAZING Antarctica community centre. You get great deals and a free hot chocolate when you arrive for the whole family. There are a lot of activities for you and your children.

The activity for children( ADULTS)

  1. Ice skating rink
  2. Fishing hole
  3. Kids zoo
  4.  snow boarding
  5.  Ice buggy for the hole family
  6. Snow mobiles
  7. Sana/salon
  8.  Build a snow man


  1. Toilets
  2. lockers
  3.  gift shop
  4. Cocktail bar
  5. Ice hotel
  6. café
  7. bed and breakfast
  8. Penguin attraction/ photo taken
  9. penguin show


If you are interested contact us now at www.Antartica


By Kasey Squires  and Jamie-Leigh Grigg


antarctica visitor centre

The Antarctica is the place you need to be come Today you can have a picture with a penguin or even go to the gift shop and buy a cute little penguin you can waddle about with .They’ve got lots of facilities you will need such as : toilets,a cafe, gift shops and much more do you want to sleigh up and down the hills through the snow come today.

keeping it cool with Antarctica


      Antarctica is the home of many creatures such as : penguins,seals,killer whales and other animals.killer whales are the number one predator there they feed on seals,penguins and other animals.Polar bears don’t live there since they live in the arctic.Antarctic is the best place for meteorites collectors-over 25,000 have been found there.
      On Christmas day,it doesn’t really go dark ; the position of the earth is relative to the sun which means that the sun doesn’t set.the ice there is 2.8km thick.If the sheets melt the worlds ocean would rise by 60-65 metres scientists today predict this is only likely to happen in 7,000 years !

What’s an ig? An inuits home without a loo!

AMAZING! facts about the Arctic!

1. Arctic comes from ‘arktikos’, the Greek word for bear.The reasonis that Ursa major, the great bear constellation, is seen in the nothern sky.

2. Antartica is coalder than the Arctic . The lowest temperture recorded there was -89.2cc-90.4F.

3. The Arctic ocean covers  5.4 million square miles, wich is more than the area of Europe.

4. Gray whales migrate 12,500 miles from the Arctic mexico and back evrey year.

5. mainland icland is actualy below the arctic but the icelandic island of Grimsey lies exsacly on the arctic circle.

                                                                        By Poppy Dernie